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Dear Responsible and Professionals of the Railway Sector


At this moment, the Annual Railway Safety Week is being celebrated, a day rightly instituted by the Southern African Countries Community, SADC, of ​​which our country is a part.


This year the week is celebrated under the theme “Railway Safety Begins With You: STOP, LISTEN and LOOK. SAVE LIVES ”.


The central idea is to warn of the issue of railway safety at crossings and level crossings, as a high risk for the circulation of trains, people and vehicles. In fact, we are living in this situation: the railways have a very precious asset, which is the right of way along the track. The exercise of this right is a challenge for us.


According to data that we have, most accidents and incidents that occur on our railways are directly linked to actions caused by third parties (collision), collisions and derailments (negligence).


Dear Responsible and Professionals of the Railway Sector


We are all aware that the quality of urban life is associated with the quality of mobility and the railways play a major role in this context, as they bring many benefits to the communities they pass through and to the country as a whole. For this reason, the circulation of trains must be carried out in total operational safety, in compliance with technical and regulatory standards.


In this sense, all operators of the railway Subsector, whether public or private, are urged to continue taking, among others, the following measures:


Contínuo continuous training of staff;

 closing of level crossings;

 improve its management and operation;

 reform existing rolling stock;

 introduce modern and adequate communication and signaling systems;

 purchase of parts, accessories and spare parts;

 improving the diagnosis, as well as carrying out national and provincial campaigns, such as activities with communities close to the railways, guidance in schools and educational actions at level crossings.


These measures must necessarily be in line with the SADC strategy on railway safety.


Thus, taking the current effort, within the framework of the process of rehabilitation and modernization of Angola’s railways, its consolidation and expansion, we must move towards achieving international safety standards.


That railway safety begins with me, with you and with all of us. So: STOP LISTEN and LOOK. SAVE LIVES.


Welcome to the entire railway family.


Luanda, on October 14, 2020

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