Message of the CNC Managing Director at the end of the year 2020

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Message of the CNC Managing Director at the end of the year 2020

Excellency Mr. Minister of Transport, Dr. Ricardo D’Abreu,

Excellencies, Secretaries of State,

Distinguished members of the CNC Supervisory Board,

Distinguished Deputy General Directors of the CNC,

Distinguished National Directors of the Ministry of Transport,

Distinguished heads of the CNC Department,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


First of all I would like to thank God for allowing this act to be a reality.


I have the honor to express in a few words that ending the year with this simple act, with the  humble presence of His Excellency the Minister of Transport, it is for us a great satisfaction, rejoicing, a unique sensation for the presence of the Ministry of Transport Board, and above all, proud to belong to this aristocratic team.


The effective change of the CNC into the future Agency for Regulation and Certification of Cargo and Logistics in Angola, constitutes a great responsibility and achievement for the collective of workers of the CNC and the Lobito Corridor, in particularly, for its current leadership. It should be noted that the guidance, confidence and broad encouragement of His Excellency the Minister of Transport have served as a springboard for achieving this goal.


Although 2020 appeared to be a very difficult year, due to immense challenges, adaptations and overcoming, it was marked by the record of the sharp economic and financial crisis, largely due to the presence of the SARS COV-2 virus pandemic, called COVID-19 , spread across the world that claimed countless human lives, and shook even the strongest economies. However, it was also a year that allowed us to learn the true meaning of diversifying the economy, using scarce resources efficiently, as well as immense challenges, overcoming and profound adaptations of the country’s socio-economic reality, and particularly in the sector of transport, facts that we are still learning, understanding and absorbing. It is important to mention that despite some adversities previously reported, in the field of promoting the improvement of the business environment, the Ministry of Transport  through the CNC, reinforced its position with the effective implementation of Presidential Decree No. 189/19, and betting on the design of a new and consistent system for issuing loading certificate (SINTECE), which brought better control and inspection of all cargo entering and leaving the national space, as well as better alignment with other public or private entities participating in the logistics chain. In the domain of the logistics sector, in line with the Executive Program 2018 – 2022, it is worth emphasizing that the entire strategy for implementing the National Network of Logistics Platforms has been completely restructured, and a legal framework more adjusted to the current national context has been created, which provide the appropriate result and privilege the improvement of the social dimension with the generation of jobs, the emergence of new businesses and the increase in the level of competitiveness.


Excellencies, The dynamic that is necessary, leads us to believe that this will be the last message delivered  by a Managing Director of the CNC, an institution created on August 1, 1978, that throughout its history the Management was constituted by various personalities. Uff, as the Holy Bible says, there is a time for all things, a time to be born and a time to die a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to spread stones and a time to gather stones (…). We cannot fail to reaffirm the commitment to all workers and colleagues for whom I want to express our thanks for the dedication, professionalism and team spirit shown in this new cycle of transformation of the CNC, extending this appreciation to the Deputy Managing Directors who accompany me, to the members of the CNC Supervisory Board, and in particular His Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, to the Excellencies Secretaries of State, and to the National Directors, for their permanent and repeated support, without which it would not be possible to reach the achievements reported here. Finally, I would also like to thank our Agents spread across the five continents and the shippers, companies or individuals, importers or exporters that constitute one of the reasons for our existence. We therefore, wish everyone that the New Year of 2021 is full of achievements and joys, that losses should not discourage us, quite the contrary, that we make them our cup of strength, humility, perseverance and that it be a year of many achievements.

Thank you very much

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