Minister of Transport received the President of EAEC

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Minister of Transport received the President of EAEC

Angolan Gilberto da Piedade Veríssimo was at the Ministry of Transport as President of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC). Air links were at the center of the conversation

The Minister of Transport, Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu received, this Tuesday, February 2nd, the president of the Economic Community of the Central African States, the Angolan, Gilberto da Piedade Veríssimo. Accompanied by Commissioner Marie Chantal Ngakono, Commissioner for Territorial Development and Infrastructure, of Cameroonian nationality.


The meeting served for the President of CEEAC to make known the desire of several countries in the region to see the national flag company – TAAG operating in the different states that make up the community, since according to him, there is a “desert” of national airlines, in this space that is being occupied by airlines from other regions and other continents.


The President of CEEAC also requested that the possibility of creating a pool of regional airlines to be included in the Ministry’s agenda to initiate an interconnectivity program between the capitals of CEEAC member states in order to shorten distances and allow a more expeditious circulation and less costly for citizens and goods belonging to member states.


The Minister of Transport, Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu thanked the visit and congratulated those present for the issues raised and said that they are part of the project for institutional and legal reform of the Civil Aviation Sub-sector, but their implementation involves a set of actions that are reflected in the Strategic Guidelines for Civil Aviation program, started with the transformation of TAAG into a Public Limited Company and the merger of ENANA into SGA and ENNA, as well as the transformation of INAVIC into the National Civil Aviation Authority, as an autonomous and independent entity.


The Minister explained that “there are a whole range of technical and operational issues, linked to the civil aviation system, that have to be overcome. To this end, we are counting on the assistance of ICAO, so that our country is seen and recognized as a credible example in Africa and worldwide and, after that, we put our infrastructures, duly certified, at the service of the country, the region and the Continent ”, he assured.


The Minister also guaranteed that, in the short term, once the question of Pandemic and its effects was overcome, TAAG, through a study, which has already been done, on new routes, will be able to return to some destinations in the region and reach others for the first time, but here, according to the Minister, there is the challenge of granting freedom of flight to make inter connectivity more commercially profitable, not least because “despite the fact that several African states have signed and agreed with the Yamoussoukro Decision”, conclusion of bilateral air agreements, which greatly limit the circulation of flights.


At the end of the meeting it was agreed that subsequent steps should be taken to bring national operators and the governments of CEEAC member states to the table in order to reflect on the need to increase regional connectivity.

Source: Mintras

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