Port of Cabinda Anticipates 59th anniversary celebrations

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Port of Cabinda Anticipates 59th anniversary celebrations

The Cabinda Port Company, located in the northernmost province of the country, celebrates, on the 7th of the current month, 59 years since it started operating.


In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port of Cabinda, EP, José Kuvingua, said that as successor to the several generations of workers who have passed through the institution “it is with great pride and responsibility that I have the honor to address these brief words for another anniversary of our company ”, he considered.


He went on to say that the Port of Cabinda has been building a history for 59 years, considering it to be a great job. For that, he adds, dedication is necessary, a total commitment to the cause that is believed and defended daily.


José João Kuvingua says that “the records indicate that it was precisely this stance taken by several generations of workers who passed by. And today, more than ever, we must feel the obligation to make this company the true driving force for development. province and, with that, contribute to the country’s development ”, he appealed.

The high official also stressed that, as fate wanted, the celebrations of the 59th anniversary of the Port of Cabinda would take place in a completely atypical context, compared to previous years, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 that is plaguing the world.


For the PCA, this context constitutes a sovereign opportunity for each of the workers in the Port of Cabinda to reflect on how they have been contributing to combat the pandemic of COVID-19, which is destroying families and leaving a trail of destruction for the economies .

“Until the 7th of February we will finish a series of activities to greet the 59 years of the company, with emphasis on the lecture with the theme: ethics in the workplace, blood donation campaign, radio resources and other philanthropic actions and religious, ”he announced.



Thus, in the field of production, the Port of Cabinda handled a total of 11 653 containers, between full and empty, minus 2039, compared to the year 2019. In terms of TUs, 13 958 were handled, minus 3 185, compared to 2019 ” compared.


In terms of general cargo, 167,362 tons were handled in 2020, minus 37,713 Oil tankers, long haul and cabotage are the ships that docked at the Port of Cabinda.


In terms of perspective for 2021, the official indicates that the objective of the Port of Cabinda management is to reach a total of 189,946 tons of different cargo, reach 12,310 TUs and 9,307 containers, and operate 204 ships.

Source: Mintrans

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