General Board

Catarino Fontes Pereira


Executive with solid leadership experience at national and international level in different sectors of ship management activity in the oil sector (Shipping Business) and with a track of proven success, proactive, bilingual (Portuguese, English), work organization, ease of interpersonal relationships and a strong team spirit. Technical knowledge in the area of ​​Negotiations, Strategy Execution, Management, Finance and a certain mastery over the tax regime that governs the Shipbuilding and Maritime Transport Industry of petroleum products. Analytical business evaluation | Strategic Conception | Creative thinking | Project Management | New business launch | Scenario generation and decision making | Team leader.

Emanuel Molares D'Abril

Deputy General Manager for Technical Area

Customs Accountant, with experience in Port and Terminal Management, with emphasis on Customs Operations, Import and Export Customs Procedures. With knowledge and experience of operational management, the technical sector has been revitalized. With communication skills to plan and implement together with the team, projects to boost the sector.

Bernardino Francisco

Deputy General Director of the Administration and Finance Area

Executive with experience in the management area, as well as proven technical skills of 20 years, in the specialties of finance, strategy, accounting, management, accounting, business, and others, in the public and private sector. With experience in the design of diagnostics and forecasts of a technical financial nature, restructuring and updating of the financial policy that will ensure the financial information and accounting system that responds to management and control needs. Complying with legal and regulatory requirements, in the scope of public / general, budget and equity accounting